XMP in Tech Speed

XMP in Tech Speed

When “non-destructive” edits start making changes to the original files…

A few days back, I was extolling the virtues of the Sidecar (.XMP) file format that Adobe uses for storing updated metadata and edits to digital images in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR):

“It turns out that Bridge (together with ACR) is exactly what I needed to organise my images, open them in ACR (and optionally Photoshop) to perform non-destructive edits, with the changes (and associated metadata) stored in Sidecar (.XMP) files alongside the original image (avoiding the need to maintain multiple copies of images.”

Well, soon afterwards I found out that, for raw image files, ACR does indeed create XMP files (which are also used by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and are visible in Bridge) but, if ACR is used for JPEGs (or TIFFs), then the original files are modified.

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