The Very Best Digital Asset for Your Home

Digital assets at home

After thorough research from our team at Tech Speed, we have finally found our favourite digital asset at home! This excludes devices such as phones, games consoles and televisions. Find out more.

This is all about home furnishings that make a real difference to the home.

And, the winner is…

Opening Rooflights!

Opening rooflights really are automation at its very best. In-depth knowledge, planning and designing has gone into this revolutionary technology in order to offer exciting benefits to people and the property in which they are installed.

Buy your opening rooflights onlineModels bought from EOS Rooflights have an insulated upstand which allows an actuator to fit inside. This contemporary design means seamless continuity is kept throughout this fantastic piece!

Keep your roof looking its very best and purchase online today from as little as £1599.

Safety with every design

Piece of mind is given to every buyer as the best opening rooflights actually have a laminated glass pane in all double glazed units. This is designed to hold together if ever broken, offering better security and a safer option than toughened glass.

Thanks to all!

The team at Tech Speed would like to say thanks to everybody that took part. All applicants were amazing with some really thrilling ideas. To take part in further research regarding the tech industry, please get in touch with us.