Is There Strategic Value in Marketing Asset Management?

Is There Strategic Value in Marketing Asset Management?

Absolutely! Aberdeen segmented the top 20 percent of respondents in return on marketing investments (ROMI), brand effectiveness, and time-to-market performance to isolate Best-in-Class organizations. Then, we look at what these Best-in-Class companies are doing differently to achieve superior performance. Fifty-seven percent used marketing asset management solutions.

The research demonstrates how Best-in-Class achieved the highest performance through a combination of processes, performance measurements, knowledge management practices, organizational culture and technology use. These organizations devote time and resources to maximizing and optimizing digital asset management on an ongoing basis.

Quantitative Strategic Value

However, you don’t have to be a Best-in-Class organization to deliver value with marketing asset management. Aberdeen compared the year-over-year performance of organizations that recently adopted a marketing asset management solution (leveraging it for approximately one year) versus organizations that do not have marketing asset management solution.

The research shows that organizations that had been using digital asset solutions for approximately one year, achieved higher average performance than those that did not have marketing asset management solutions:

The study revealed a number of surprising results about how top performing organizations (Best-in-Class) leverage digital asset management tools in marketing. The research also explores top features and benefits Best-in-Class organizations receive from asset management tools.

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