How storage technologies can make your organisation more competitive


How storage technologies can make your organisation more competitive

This Computing web seminar discusses the challenges for cost-effectively managing fast-growing data volumes

For many organisations, the ability to store and use innovative forms of content such as audio-video, photos, imaging, online communities and other emerging information sharing technologies is opening up new business opportunities. But the rapid growth in adoption of such content presents major challenges for IT managers – and in particular in the ability to cost-effectively manage the large amounts of data storage needed to support users wanting more and more access to this information.

Issues such as affordability, scalability, integration, manageability and the availability of storage hardware are common concerns that organisations need to address to capitalise on the popularity of these types of data. High-performance storage is becoming essential to firms’ competitiveness and their ability to deliver the benefits of such high-capacity data to user and customers.

In this Computing web seminar, we examine how IT professionals can build storage infrastructure to support the rapid growth of these forms of data. Our panel of experts will discuss the emerging tools, technologies and best practice, and a real-life case study will look out how one organisation met these challenges.

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