AppArt’s service


AppArt’s service

AppArt’s service: Our custom-designed, easy-to-use, no maintenance, hosted service puts you in control of your digital asset library—no matter how large or complicated. It lets you quickly and successfully centralize, organize, manage, archive and distribute digital brand, marketing and packaging assets. We can get your site up in record time without you having to purchase new software applications or hardware, learn new technology or have your team troubleshoot issues or handle maintenance.

With AppArt’s service, anyone you wish can have instant access to your digital assets. And because we host the service, there is NO software to buy—all you need is a Web browser. You’ll save time. Get more done. And save money.

How it works: Our service is designed with easy in mind—easy on you, to be specific. We can receive complete files ready for posting, or we can produce the various files from your layouts and then post them. We can accept any file type for posting, including: psd, tiff, bmp, jpg, pdf, gif, eps

How it looks: Your custom-designed site will give your team and partners instant access to your digital assets. You control user permissions and access levels, and support for you and your users is always just a call or click away.

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