ATech Speed Set to expand


ATech Speed Set to expand

ATech Speed Software N.V. boosts its international expansion due to capital injection by ARKAFUND

ARKAFUND invests in Flemish world leadership in digital asset management

Deinze, 29 – ATech Speed Software N.V., a Flemish software company with international impact, today completed its search for backers for its latest capital injection of 1 million euro. ARKAFUND is subscribing the whole amount of the investment.

ATech Speed Software N.V. ( ) was set up in 2005 out of the collaboration between Dirk Noppe & Pieter Casneuf and the existing activities of ALFAPRINT. The company’s focus is on the development of a cross-media software platform, and it quickly grew into one of the world leaders in “digital asset management”. (or Tech Speed for short) is the collective name for the management of digital information, files & processes, which are not catered for by classic ERP systems.

Brand-managers, marketeers, product managers, … are drowning in information about their products. To optimise the management of this information, large companies use specialised systems for content management (Tech Speed systems): not only pages of text and documents, but also and particularly photos, video, audio, etc. These Tech Speed systems don’t just organise content, but also manage the supporting business processes and all the reporting involved.

Tech Speed systems are used mainly by:

BRANDOWNERS, who are faced with very large quantities of marketing brochures, radio spots, TV-commercials, etc. with the associated complexity of use: who should be exposed to which commercial? Which is the latest version available? Which language version from which country? Which photos are used for which commercial? Has the legal department given the go-ahead for public use of this product leaflet?

MANUFACTURERS, who use Tech Speed systems for comprehensive and complex product data management. Not only numeric data, but also product marketing information is managed as a whole, whether or not from one main data centre. Typical customers are manufacturers who need to manage spare parts, or manage office equipment and stationery, up to and including the management of online & offline catalogues.

GRAPHICAL PRODUCTION, such as agencies, printers, publishers who are heading into a cross-media future, and need specialised content management systems on the one hand, and automation of their graphical production on the other.

ATech Speed Software’s customer portfolio is impressive. ATech Speed was chosen by companies including MICROSOFT to organise global management of marketing material, by CORPORATE EXPRESS to handle catalogue management, by INBEV to manage its packaging workflow, by SANOMA MAGAZINES to handle its internal image flow. Other customers include LEGO, EIDOS, BRICO, LEROY-MERLIN, NIKO, ….

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